Hi there, I’m Terri-Lynn,
and I am so happy you’re here!

 I live in beautiful newfoundland with my husband, my precious little girl, and more pets than any sane adult should. Over the years I’ve worked in many different fields, everything from Hairstyling to Stand-up comedy (and everything in-between). But I never really felt like I’d found my calling until my big ah-ha moment a few years ago…I finally found my truth, my passion, my purpose: I was born to be an intuitive mindset coach.
I love life and I take full advantage of all the experiences it has to offer. In my free time you will find me writing, singing, (shopping…lol) and having fun with family and friends.
But I didn’t always have this sunny outlook…
Feeling like your life is more of a burden than a joy? Yup, I’ve been there. I know what struggle feels like. A few years ago, I was suffering from Multiple sclerosis, living in pain and uncertainty. I was grieving the loss of my Mother- then my Grandmother, and not long after my Father. I didn’t know what to do, or which way to turn. I felt hopeless, lost, sick -and I had no desire to even get out of bed.
But thankfully, I summoned up the courage to ask for help, and an amazing coach helped me see that I have so much to offer this world. She helped me find the courage to let my deepest secret out of the closet, to realise that I have an amazing gift to offer the world, that it was high time to come out of the spiritual closet. I was finally ready to let the sorrow go and allow my intuition to triumph.

See what I mean? Lol…
The cats out number the children in my house!

To embrace and shout out loud and proud that I am more than my limiting beliefs and my sad story, that I have a gift to offer this world! 

So, I allowed that hidden part of myself to shine bright and I began living my life the way the universe has intended. With ease, with joy, without disease and sickness- and above all, with passionate intention.
I became an “Intuitive, energy healing mindset coach”, and I’ve never looked back. Since this transition, my life has made an incredible 360 turn around. I am healthy, abundant, successful- and I can’t wait to wake up each morning to see what this glorious world has in store for me. I was able to re write my destiny and with my health new mindset, even healed
my body!
And the best part? I get to share this with so many amazing people. Every new client I meet is such a blessing and it fills me with such inspiration! I have the tools, experience and training to help you find your hidden gifts, what ever they may be. I will encourage and support you every step of the journey to live your best life! I can do for you what my coach did for me and help guide you to your truth, to your happiness! It was the best investment ive ever made, and I thank the universe everyday that it happened.


Whether it’s through my free content,
paid coaching, live videos or even just
connecting on social media, I want you
to know that I care and that I believe in

I will help you do, be and have all that
you want in this world, coaching lights
me up and is my greatest passion.

My intention is that every person I coach,
leaves with the tools, mindset tune-up and
confidence to thrive, and be dazzled by
the endless possibilities this world has to





Are you ready to boldly ask for what you want, are you ready to start living a life by design not default?

Why work with me?

“I know that when you burst through the blocks and limiting beliefs that are standing in your way, you will become fully activated- and expand to your full potential! 

Do any of these Scenarios sound familiar?

Lack of self-confidence, low self esteem
Struggling with guilt, regret or fear
Overwhelmed, stressed, unfulfilled
Unsatisfied with your career or job
Still looking for your ideal relationship or struggling in your current one
Procrastinating, unable to make decisions
Bored, uninterested and unmotivated
You feel unconnected to source
You are going through psychical and emotional pain due to illness
Grieving the loss of a loved one
Struggling to find your purpose

You are definitely not alone. I work with people in these very situations every day, and I get them on the path to the future they desire and deserve.
I believe that overwhelm is an opportunity for expansion. I believe that obstacles are actually just accelerators of higher consciousness. And that whenever you take a step towards your dreams, your dreams take steps towards you!