I am a modern day Intuitive, a mindset coach, an energy healer, and a Mom. My mission is to help people find their happiness; to create a path from where they are- to where they truly want to be!

If you’re ready to step into some new perspectives about what’s possible and gain the tools and techniques to reframe and redesign your day to day…and have fun on the journey, you’ve come to the right place…

A little about me…

Hi there, I’m Terri-Lynn Decker, The Intuition Specialist.

I live in St. John’s Newfoundland with my husband Mike and beautiful little girl Mya. We love to get outdoors and spend time with our friends and family, and of coarse dote on our (far too many) pets.

I’ve worked in various fields over the years, everything from hairstyling to stand-up comedy (and everything in-between…lol).

But I never really felt like I’d found my calling…

Until now…     

After fully accepting my unique intuitive gifts and abilities (and no longer hiding it away from the world) I set out on a spiritual journey to develop my intuition to the fullest. I have worked with some very powerful shamans, coaches and reiki masters-and completed many courses on the subject. I now have the tools and experience to share my gifts with amazing women just like you, as my full-time gig!


Let me help you discover what you want out of life. Let’s find the missing pieces and get you on the right path! I can develop a unique step by step strategy to get you there! I combine the metaphysical with the practical for a one of a kind, totally unique coaching experience!


(Payment arrangements available upon request) 

I offer both online and in-person sessions

I also work group and corporate events, as well as exciting retreats on a seasonal basis.

Intuitive reading

I bring you on a powerful guided meditation, where I look into the energy field surrounding you.

I am often able to meet your spirit guides, and after an intuitive assessment of your energy, I offer advice, tips, messages and tools to carry forward.

Session finishes with a tarot card reading.

Past life Regression/Energy healing

PLR is a safe and therapeutic way to unleash our past life memories from the mind.

Our layers of consciousness are much like a multi-storey building.

Our everyday awareness is only one floor, but through past life regression we can expose the people places and experiences on many of these floors.

PLR essentially bridges the gap between who we are now and who we were in past lives.

I add Energy healing ( life force energy healing through chakra balancing and guided meditation) throughout the PLR process as well, to enhance the overall experience.

1 month coaching

We will focus on a specific area that you need some fast track coaching with, and work diligently towards finding the results you want.

We put all of our focus on that one issue that stands out as your most challenging.

2 months coaching

When you know how to use the invisible, infallible, universal principles of love alignment and success, everything becomes easier, and for the next 8 weeks my job is to help you get in touch with your true core self and the wisdom of your intuition.

This coaching program will help you discover your true self, and see the things that you otherwise may have missed up until now.

I will help you develop your connection to spirit, to find your true purpose, so that you may live life with a deeper understanding of who you really are and what you are capable of.

3-Month VIP Coaching
(The Ultimate Experience)

The ultimate VIP coaching program will be a transformational time of growth and clarity, where we focus on the past, present and future. I will help you clear emotional imbalance and trauma and awaken your soul purpose.

All of my work is done with the intention of assisting you in achieving greater clarity, resonance and alignment, so that you can move through the world with more ease, grace, and joy.

In addition, you will receive a special VIP day with me in my home where we will dive into past life regression therapy, as well as an energy clearing reiki treatment.

This program will be a life changing experience and you will leave feeling a deep connection to source and be confident to trust that inner voice, to lead you in the right direction

It is my promise to give you the very best coaching experience. I take this work very seriously, and you will be treated with love, respect and all the personal attention required for lasting results. I take only a few clients at a time in order to serve you at my highest energetic level.

I won’t let you down!

Many people ask me what intuitive personal coaching is, and who it is intended for…
Well, lets have a look shall we?

Any of the following sound familiar?

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • Struggling to find your purpose

  • Overwhelmed, anxious, unfulfilled

  • Still looking for your ideal relationship or struggling in your current one

  • Procrastinating, unable to make decisions

  • Bored, uninterested and unmotivated

  • You feel unconnected to source and your guides

  • A keen interest in woo spirituality and a pull towards source

  • An interest in developing your intuition and potential intuitive gifts

  • You are going through psychical and emotional pain due to illness

  • You’re not having fun anymore, feeling bored, restless and complacent

  • Financial stress and poor money mindset

And this is the short list!

The thing is, most of us feel some or all these emotions on a regular basis! We are settling for unhappiness or even worse mediocrity because we put our feelings, our personal development, our GROWTH- on the very bottom of our to-do list! We just assume to struggle is the norm, that that’s just how things are…

I was there too, I made excuse after excuse why I didn’t have the money or time to invest in myself, and I questioned if feeling better was even possible. But finally, I got to a place where I was sick and tired of feeling unhappy, enough was enough. So, I joined an amazing group coaching program, we talked about all the parts of our lives that needed a tune up, our coach and the ten of us we were there for each other, to help one another stay accountable. It truly was the spring board into my new life.

But why work with me?

  • I hold space for your transformation and I’ll always remind you of your greatness and true potential.

  • I am an authentic intuitive. I can connect with spirit and the unknown.

  • I keep you accountable and enthusiastic about the work we are doing together.

  • I SHOW UP and give you my full presence, always.

  • I am big-hearted and always tell you the TRUTH.

  • I use the F bomb in moments of excitement! Lol

  • My coaching is both effective and fun! The road to your dream life does not need to be a harsh burdensome struggle!

  • Helping you find your happiness is what fills me up the most. It is what I was born to do in this life.

  • Connecting you with source and your guides is my true calling.

So, If you’re ready to step into some new perspectives about what’s possible and gain the tools and techniques to reframe and redesign your day to day…and have FUN WHILE LEARNING THE ROPES, then for Pete sakes reach out!

Feel like you were put here to do big things? Well, that’s because you were! In fact, it’s so much bigger than you think! Abundance, joy and fulfilment are not for just “some” of us, it is indented for ALL of us.

I will pull out all the stops to assist you in reaching your goals and SO much more!!

In a nut shell, my coaching programs and sessions means diving into… The practical, the tangible, and of coarse…the magical.


Check out what just a few of my satisfied clients have to say about working with me…

Beth-Anne Perry

(Senior National Brand manager)

There are not enough amazing things I can say about Terri-Lynn Decker and her amazing ability!!! She is the most remarkable intuitive, and powerful success coach out there! I did one session at the glowing recommendation of a family member, and after that mind blowing and awe-inspiring break through session, I immediately booked 6 more in the VIP package and never looked back! My life has done a 360 into love, alignment, abundance, peace, closure, success, ultimate happiness and honestly, it was the best money I ever spent on myself FOR myself! If I could give 1000 stars I would… oh wait… this is a comment, so I CAN! 1000 stars!!! Thank you so much for the ultimate energy shift TLD! You’ve rocked and changed my world!

Vicki Harnett

( Actor/Singer)

If I could award higher than 5 stars, I surely would! Terri-Lynn Decker is the real deal!! Her intuitive gifts are truly astounding, and when you pair it with her willingness to listen, her openness, her empathy and her compassion for whatever you’re going through in life, you have the perfect recipe for a totally surreal and positive energy-shifting experience. Having doubts that what she does is even real?! All the more reason to hit her up for some guidance so that she can prove to you that she’s legit and blow your mind in the process!! I guarantee that you’ll be an intuitive coaching convert and you’ll wonder how you got through daily life without her and her gifts! You owe it to yourselves to get in touch with Terri Lynn, y’all! Xoxo *****Side effects may include a huge sense of calm, sighs of relief, and tears of joy and healing. You may also experience feelings of intense gratitude and a great chat with a gal who is a force of nature and a true inspiration.

Maria Rodríguez

(Full time mom of 5)

Working with Terri-Lynn has truly transformed my life. In 8 short weeks the growth in both confidence and my bank account has been unbelievable!! I am now in a place where I look in the mirror and love the woman staring back at me. Your other worldly intuitive gifts have helped me connect to something so much bigger than the here and now. Working with T-L is a combination of psychic guidance, mindset reframing and abundance training! She’s the whole package and then some! WORTH EVERY PENNY! The best money you will ever spend I promise! Bless you Terri-Lynn, you have changed my life!!

Yuliya Chernykhovskaya


Let me preface this and say that I’ve had the pleasure of working with some POWERHOUSES in the psychic/energy realm (and am an energy healer myself). And I was completely blown away with Terri Lynn – easily one of the most clairvoyant humans I have EVER met. She truly has a gift and was able to read my energy so VIVIDLY and so beautifully. Like spot-super-clearly-on. I’ve already begun implementing the things we’ve talked about have had massive shifts!) She also did a reading for my dog, and it was the coolest thing EVER! Terri Lynn picked up on the most vivid details (down to the branding of dog food my pup eats and the mystery disease she developed this year, she even picked up on the fact that my dog knew I was a vegan (and Terri didn’t know I was a vegan !!!) AMAZING! People, do yourself a favor and get a slot with her ASAP :)! Or you can pay a million dollars to do it later. Top of Form

Lisa Day

(Massage therapist)

I absolutely LOVED working with Terri Lynn! She has a wonderful gift and I’m so happy she’s sharing it with the world. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of “energetic sharing” we had and I can’t wait to book another one! would highly recommend a reading, it’s SO WORTH IT

Esther Vardy

(Founder of Pawsology)

This lady is a little piece of heaven on earth. She’s like chocolate. Everyone needs it in their life, or it sucks. She taps right into the very core of your being, drills some holes and before you know it the light is shining through you like one of those little metal candle holders from Ikea. Don’t just do one session. Nope, nope, nope. That won’t do. You need the package. Anthony Robbins should pay to see this one.

Tyler Ducey

(Risk assessment analyst)

Terri-Lynn is a force! There are no words to express how her god given gifts have rehabilitated my life, she helped me find the path to my dream life, and I am now happily married to my soul mate Jessica, I’m making a 6-figure income, living life on my terms…and best of all, I can’t wait to wake up each morning to see what’s next. A mere thankyou feels inadequate, but ill say it anyway, thankyou Terri-Lynn, you are such a gift to this world.

Jessica Tucker-White

(Business Owner)

All I can say is WOW! Since completing my 10-week intuitive coaching with Terri-Lynn, my life is hardly recognisable!!! I finally left the job I hated and am successfully moving towards becoming my own boss, ive lost 30 pounds, ive repaired my broken marriage…Her coaching far exceeded her reputation! I knew she was good, but I had no idea how good!! Trust me people, do yourselves a favour and get in to see this miracle worker before she’s booked up until 2025! Terri-Lynn will help you transform your life, she’s the real deal…She’s like a psychic Oprah!!!

Emily King

(Wealth and Abundance Coach)

Terri-Lynn is such a gifted intuitive and healer! I absolutely loved my session with her, and left feeling uplifted, inspired and feeling like I am deeply guided. Book in a session with her today, it will be money well spent!

Nikki Dambrosi


If you are on the fence about working with Terri Lynn Decker, don’t waste another moment. Jump in! The awareness and clarity that my sessions with her have brought about is just incredible … life changing. I can’t recommend her enough! She’s amazing. Thankyou so much for everything Terri-Lynn xo

Andrea Van Hal

(Registered Nurse)

I had one of the most amazing energetic experiences of my life when I had my reading with Terri-Lynn! I highly recommend booking a session with this amazing, gifted woman!

Have questions? Here are answers to just a couple popular coaching questions…

Ask your Q’s and I’ll give you A’s

I’ve never really considered myself “spiritual” and I’m not even entirely sure that I can believe it because it seems too easy, somehow. Will this actually work?
An open mind is a must if we’re going to work together. I’m fully aware that some of the concepts will be new and might even seem a little weird at first. If this “universe stuff” is all new to you, I’d be shocked if you didn’t have a few moments where you think, “Whaaaa?”. But the key is trust. So far, almost all of my clients have been pretty “new to the woo” and they all got a TON of benefit out of it. So, in other words: you can get results if you’re skeptical but willing to keep an open mind and try. But you CANNOT get results if you resist and close your mind to the possibilities.

How quickly can I start seeing shifts in my life?
I kid you not when I say that several of my clients have had “aha” moments within the first 10 minutes of the first call.

When you’re ready to truly commit to digging up your limiting beliefs and old patterns, change can happen FAST.  That said, don’t be upset if it takes you a few weeks to start really noticing shifts, because that can happen too. It just depends on your particular stage or readiness. Once you make the decision to really take all of the tools I give you and put them to use, you WILL create insanely positive momentum faster than you thought possible.

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